We were both so busy over Memorial Day weekend at different cemeteries and with our families that we did not have time to finish our research for the planned episode this week. However, we have a very special return guest with a fascinating story joining us next week and we will be able to return to our regularly scheduled program! We humbly apologize and we thank you for sticking with us on all of our Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery journeys. Until we meet again!
April 29, 2021

Episode 30 - Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon

Episode 30 - Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon

In this episode Jennie and Dianne explore Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. They share the tragic stories of victims from a steamship explosion, the heart-breaking story of the first woman charged with murder in the Oregon territory,  they share an article written in 1922 about the historical significance of the cemetery and why it needs to be cared for, and they talk about a new, exciting project to commemorate the many Chinese immigrants buried in this ordinary, extraordinary cemetery.

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Resources for this episode include: 

 Rhoads, L. (2017). 199 Cemeteries To See Before You Die. (94-95). Black Dog & Leventhal.