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Dec. 15, 2022

Episode 114 - Two Cincinnati Rabbis and the Story of Hanukkah

Episode 114 - Two Cincinnati Rabbis and the Story of Hanukkah

Hanukkah has become a part of the Jewish-American experience that was essentially brought about by two Rabbis who worked tirelessly during the mid 1800s to improve Jewish life and beliefs in America. Dianne and Jennie pay a virtual visit to Walnut Hills Jewish Cemetery in Evanston, Ohio where the graves of Rabbi Issac Mayer Wise and Rabbi Max Lilienthal are located. These two Ordinary Extraordinary men were instrumental in the Jewish Reform movement in the countries of their births, but even more so once they emigrated to American soil.  And it was through their efforts that Hanukkah became a more mainstream celebration within Jewish communities across the country.

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Photos of Rabbi Max Lilienthal & Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise are Public Domain

Photo of Rabbi Max Lilienthal grave site by Timothy John 4/15/2020 and posted to

Photo of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise grave site by K. Guy 3/14/2007 and posted to