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liked it

Love it!

Thank you for giving names back to those who may have been lost to history. I love the pod cast! Keep up the good work!

Great Podcast

I’ve been binge it since I found it, I’m on episode 97

Great Podcast

Thank you

Cemetery Lovers Rejoice

It took me a little while to warm up to this podcast, but now I'm hooked! It's the next best thing to being able to wander around in old cemeteries myself. I look forward to each episode eagerly, and I always learn something new and interesting. Thanks, ladies!

A fan from the start

As someone who has been listening since episode #1, it’s my pleasure to give five stars to this fascinating, well-researched and always entertaining show. Jennie and Dianne do a wonderful job of bringing cemeteries - and those interred within - to life. Congratulations as you approach your 100th episode!

Wonderful Podcast

Thank you for having such a great Podcast

Rrmote Listening

I love your podcasts - the range of subject matter is diverse, well-researched, and beautifully produced. I listen from Wellington, New Zealand, where I am Vice Chair of the Friends of Karori Cemetery (, and can be described as a fellow taphophile!

Full of facts and interesting people!!

I have continually listened to them and the show gets better and better! I absolutely love this podcast! I can tell they have put a lot of time and research and they are so respectful of what and who they are talking about. Much appreciated and just what I was looking for! Thank you!

Just found

Starting on episode one and already love it! Keep up the great work, I intend on listening to each one, can’t wait!



Best cemetery podcast around!

This podcast is so unique! It covers smaller and not so known cemeteries and the history. So glad I found it!


I was hooked at first episode.

Interesting Way to Explore Communities’ History

An enjoyable listen telling the stories of those who have passed on. I particularly like the episodes that give snapshots of a town or community’s history through the lives of those interred in their cemeteries. That said, the interviews with guests are often really interesting as well.

Full of facts and interesting people!!

I absolutely love this podcast! I can tell they have put a lot of time and research!! Much appreciated and just what I was looking for! Thank you!


I have been obsessed with the history and exploring historic cemeteries in Colorado for years now. I was SO excited to see a podcast that covers the history, and its actually good!


I think the Podcasts is great! I just started listening and I am already hooked! Thanks, Jennie and Dianne!

Love this podcast so much!

What great content and history well-told!

I love cemeteries

Interesting and informative. Jennie’s voice comes across clearly. Diane sounds tinny, clipped and distorted. It sounds like it’s skipping and words are missing, then Jennie speaks and we’re back to perfectly clear audio. I hope it improves as I continue to listen because the subject matter is right up my alley.

Making Mortuaries Fun!!

Well researched with interesting historic information about real people. Perfect length too, for a quick dose of history! It makes me want to visit the cemeteries and homes of these subjects and use these episodes as audio guides. In fact, that’s a great idea!


Lots of information. Give it a listen!