We were both so busy over Memorial Day weekend at different cemeteries and with our families that we did not have time to finish our research for the planned episode this week. However, we have a very special return guest with a fascinating story joining us next week and we will be able to return to our regularly scheduled program! We humbly apologize and we thank you for sticking with us on all of our Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery journeys. Until we meet again!
May 25, 2023

Episode 136 - The Man, the Myth, the Cowboy: John Wayne

Episode 136 - The Man, the Myth, the Cowboy: John Wayne

"I want to play a real man in all my films, and I define manhood simply: men should be tough, fair and courageous, never petty, never looking for a fight, but never backing down from one either." - John Wayne
Jennie and Dianne are joined by Drifter and Gypsie of the Rebel at Large Adventure Podcast to explore the life of the man who became known to the world as John Wayne. For more than 50 years John Wayne appeared on the silver screen in more than 180 movies, most often portraying a cowboy and creating an image of the American West that became familiar to people around the world. Beyond his acting career, Wayne's larger-than-life persona and conservative political views made him a polarizing figure. He was admired by many for his rugged masculinity and strong moral compass, while others criticized him for his political affiliations and views on certain social issues. Even decades after his passing in 1979, John Wayne's popularity remains strong. His films are still beloved by audiences around the world, and his Ordinary Extraordinary legacy continues to be celebrated.

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Photo of John Wayne's grave taken by J.L. Cobb and shared with permission. Studio photos of John Wayne purchased at an antique store.

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