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Aug. 31, 2023

Episode 149 - Eternal Innovations: The Story of Fisk Cast Iron Coffins

Episode 149 - Eternal Innovations: The Story of Fisk Cast Iron Coffins

Join Jennie and Dianne as they delve into the intriguing world of Fisk metallic burial cases, also known as Fisk coffins. Unearth the remarkable story of Almond Dunbar Fisk, the visionary behind the cast iron coffin, whose innovation forever changed the way we lay our loved ones to rest. From first lady Dolley Madison who made the cast iron coffin fashionable among the leaders in Washington D.C. to the mysterious "Lady in Red" discovered within the sturdy embrace of another metallic burial case, this episode uncovers the secrets of one of history's most unique burial methods. They also share the Ordinary Extraordinary narrative of an African American woman whose remains, preserved for over 150 years, were found in one of these remarkable coffins reminding the world of the many freed African American communities that made up the fabric of New York City long before the American Civil War.

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