April 15, 2021

Episode 28 - A Visit with Kristen Allen Founder of BloomBridge

Episode 28 - A Visit with Kristen Allen Founder of BloomBridge

Kristen Allen, founder of BloomBridge, joins Jennie and Dianne this week to discuss how a promise to her grandmother led to building a business that helps to connect the living and the dead. BloomBridge believes there is something to be said for remembering your loved ones. Honoring someone after they pass is about respect and loyalty. Flowers in a cemetery represent that life is still there and brings peace of healing to those that are still here. They want to help spread that peace to everyone.

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Kristen Allen Profile Photo

Kristen Allen

BloomBridge is the brainchild of our founder, Kristen Allen.
Kristen has always had a love for people and flowers. She always made sure that her loved ones that had passed had flowers on their graves. “My late grandmother always said, “when it’s my time, don’t you let me be the only one out there without flowers.” I assured her I would not.” The convenience of that promise however became challenging and after much thought the idea of BloomBridge was born.