We were both so busy over Memorial Day weekend at different cemeteries and with our families that we did not have time to finish our research for the planned episode this week. However, we have a very special return guest with a fascinating story joining us next week and we will be able to return to our regularly scheduled program! We humbly apologize and we thank you for sticking with us on all of our Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery journeys. Until we meet again!
Dec. 23, 2021

Episode 64 - Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol with The Rebel at Large Adventure Podcast

Episode 64 - Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol with The Rebel at Large Adventure Podcast

Drifter and Gypsie of the Rebel at Large Adventure podcast join Jennie and her son Charlie and husband Dave in an abridged retelling of Charles Dickens's beloved short story A Christmas Carol. What does this have to do with cemeteries? There is an Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery at the end of the story that truly does help Ebenezer Scrooge to learn the true meaning of Christmas. From our families to yours, Merry Christmas! 
(Artwork for this episode provided by: Casper Suvroc @corvyrn)

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To hear all about Drifter and Gypsie's travel adventures, please follow this link to The Rebel at Large Adventure podcast: 

To read a Christmas Carol for yourself, please follow this project Gutenberg link: