July 14, 2022

Episode 92 - Gold Rush Cemetery in Skagway, Alaska

Episode 92 - Gold Rush Cemetery in Skagway, Alaska

"And those who have undergone [life in Alaska] claim that in the making of the world God grew tired, and when He came to the last barrowload, just dumped it anyhow, and that was how Alaska happened to be." - Jack London - Jennie is joined by special guest co-host Dave Johnson to discuss their recent visit to Gold Rush cemetery in Skagway, Alaska. Gold Rush Cemetery is Skagway’s oldest and most well-known cemetery   and it is where you will find the Ordinary Extraordinary stories of many of the town’s first citizens including it's most infamous resident, Jefferson "Soapy" Smith. Join us for the first in our series on the last frontier and its cemeteries, Alaska!

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