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July 28, 2022

Episode 94 - Good Time Girls of the West an Interview with Author Jan MacKell Collins

Episode 94 - Good Time Girls of the West an Interview with Author Jan MacKell Collins

Jennie and Dianne are joined by special guest Jan MacKell Collins, author of The Good Time Girls book series to discuss the Ordinary Extraordinary lives of dancehall girls and ladies of the night who made their living during the days of the Wild West into the early 20th century. They visit the gravesites of some of these sporting women across Colorado, Arizona, California, Alaska and more! Jan shares stories of their ingenuity, courage, and sometimes tragic endings. Jan is a storyteller at heart and she has spent years documenting the truth versus legend of these Ordinary Extraordinary women.

Jan's books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Walmart, as well as your local book retailer. If you would like to support some local book retailers, here are some of Jan's favorites:
Cripple Creek District Museum, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Victor Lowell Thomas Museum, Victor, Colorado

Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott, Arizona

Mesilla Book Center, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fast Fanny's Place, Oatman, Arizona


Arcadia Publishing

University of New Mexico Press

To learn more about Jan MacKell Collins, visit her website:

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Jan MacKell Collins

Jan MacKell Collins has been interested in harlots of the past since she was just a girl. Since 1987, she has researched and written about thousands of wayward women across the west. Two date, she has written ten books and hundreds of articles about the prostitution industry and women who have worked in the field during the 19th and early 20th century.