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Bob Stovall

Bob Stovall tells the story of General Palmer in a personal and entertaining style. Dressed in period costume, Stovall becomes Palmer as he relates first-hand the General’s voyage from his early days on a Delaware farm to creation of a vast enterprise of railroad, manufacturing and communities, and the many people who joined him on the adventure.

William Jackson Palmer was an adventurer, a soldier, a railroad pioneer and a community builder. Raised in the Quaker faith, he was a man of high moral and ethical character who valued human equality, peace and education. When those values came into conflict in the Civil War, he chose human equality over peace and joined the Union Army to end slavery. He served gallantly during the war, earning the brevet rank of Brigadier General and eventually the Medal of Honor.
After the war Palmer headed west to help build part of the transcontinental railroad system. He saw great opportunity in the Rocky Mountain West and dreamed of building his own railroad and with it a series of communities with strong industrial bases.
Known best as the founder of Colorado Springs and the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, Palmer also was instrumental in founding South Pueblo, La Veta, Alamosa and helped the growth of many other communities. He took his railroad where it could best support the economic growth of the west, building a line through the Royal Gorge, once thought to be totally impassable by any means.

July 13, 2023

Episode 142 - From Quaker Values to Railroad Empires: The Life and Le…

The New York Times called him "the foremost citizen of Colorado." William H. Spurgeon said he was "the soldier, the builder of an empire, the philanthropist, the friend of the people, whose life was a blessing." At his funeral in …

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