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Aug. 23, 2023

Episode 148 - Beyond Ghosts: Honoring Lives at Martha's Chapel Cemetery Near Huntsville, Texas

Episode 148 - Beyond Ghosts: Honoring Lives at Martha's Chapel Cemetery Near Huntsville, Texas

A Google search for Martha's Chapel Cemetery will lead you down a reportedly haunted road where any number of ghostly spirits and demons are said to roam unsettling the living who pass through this desolate corner of Eastern Texas. But what happens when a cemetery’s main attraction is only about its ghosts and otherworldly atmosphere? We tend to lose sight of why the cemetery even exists, as a burial ground for real people who lived Ordinary Extraordinary lives and they deserve to be respectfully remembered. In this episode Jennie and Dianne learn the true story of Martha's Chapel Cemetery and share the stories of many who were laid to rest among the peaceful shade of its pine trees. From Methodist ministers to Civil War soldiers to women who dedicated their lives to caring for their families, they uncover a tapestry of lives, showcasing the depth and richness of history that resides within the cemetery's grounds.

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Photos from's-chapel-cemetery - Photographers include: T. Demars, Janet Bertram, Becky Dale, Mark D. Peters, and G. Walker

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